Paul Lindt is an artist and designer who has lived and worked in Walthamstow, East London, for the last 25 years.

He was born in 1965 in Epsom, Surrey and grew up near Brighton in Sussex. In the early 80s he studied sculpture and print making at the West Sussex College of Art and Design before completing a degree in design at Bath Academy of Art in 1987.

He says of his work: 'I am inspired by a love of colour, whether it is a dark field with the sudden zing of a vibrant pink against a luscious emerald green or a neon sign on a dark street. I love the patterns made by illuminated office windows in a city skyline and the way colours bleed from artificial light as it disperses into the night sky.

I utilise these effects of light and colour to have fun battling the more reserved and controlling elements of my character. The process involves creating carefully composed and structured compositions which initially make perfect sense to me, but then to apply repeated washes or layers in order to break down this self imposed order until something more exciting, vibrant and to me at least, unexpected is revealed.

I use the computer to create my work as I like how the means of creation is invisible in the final piece; how the digital medium has no inherent look of its own unlike, for example, brush strokes in a painting. It gives me an enormous range of colours by mixing red, green and blue light which nicely echoes the way light and colour is formed in the actual world around us. When the work is printed photographically this effect is retained. The result is, I hope, that people react purely to the colours and forms rather than to any process by which it is created.

Partly as a result of the process I see all my work as being architectural, sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively. Colour and layering allows me to create my own forms and spaces and so everything becomes a process of construction and then deconstruction until I get the hit that says it's finally finished.'